Tangible / Physical Interface

hand-some camera
tuning page (Master thesis)
pepper can radio
kinkyo sukui
lunar drum
paper cup light
wake n' bacon
a movie night with me
mobile phone design
recall the moment (B.S thesis)

Web-based User Interface

Credit Card Dynamic eStatement
American Express Global Nav
weather data visualization
social soup
line obsession
drawing tool
ndd design portfolio



The state of absolute on and off no longer exists.

"touchy-feely" is a touch-enabled lighting device. It serves the purpose of a chandelier as a graceful interior decoration and delights people at the same time.

Rethinking how we operate daily objects; the interaction is and should be intuitive.

When the user gently touches the feathers, the light is activated. The light becomes brigher the more it is touched and slowly fades if left alone.