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Truly great interaction comes from the action of simple daily gestures.

"tuning page" is an intuitive music player using a lyric-filled book as interface.

Can we eliminate the instruction of products?

My thesis looks at daily gestures and activities people interact with daily objects in order to find the affordance of activities. Through apply preferable technology to them, the object makes it clear of how to use it, no instruction will be needed.

I come up with the project "tuning page" to respond to my thesis. It is a music player that maps the gesture of reading a book to the operation of listening to music. Since reading is a well-adapted activity, there is no need of identical buttons anymore.

Stick your headphone in. To choose a song, simply turn to your prefer page to listen because each page is a song with its lyric and artwork; to change, just turn to another page; to stop playing, just close the book. One can also put a bookmark or make notes on "turning page" because it is a physical book and made by actual paper.

"tuning page" is made by a microcontroller, hand-made paper switches, and a hacked mp3 player.


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