Tangible / Physical Interface

hand-some camera
tuning page (Master thesis)
pepper can radio
kinkyo sukui
lunar drum
paper cup light
wake n' bacon
a movie night with me
mobile phone design
recall the moment (B.S thesis)

Web-based User Interface

Credit Card Dynamic eStatement
American Express Global Nav
weather data visualization
social soup
line obsession
drawing tool
ndd design portfolio


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This program is a visual representation of the temperature flow of Belvedere Castle,Central Park in New York City.

Color of the strip indicates the sense of temperature- blue is cold, green is mild and orange is warm.

I always have problem converting Fahrenheit to Celsius. Instead of just converting the numbers, I decided to read temperature in color, as it is not absolute and represents temperature's relativity.

This is a personal project. The program is written in Processing, Perl and MySQL; parsing the xml feed from accuweather.com