Tangible / Physical Interface

hand-some camera
tuning page (Master thesis)
pepper can radio
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lunar drum
paper cup light
wake n' bacon
a movie night with me
mobile phone design
recall the moment (B.S thesis)

Web-based User Interface

Credit Card Dynamic eStatement
American Express Global Nav
weather data visualization
social soup
line obsession
drawing tool
ndd design portfolio


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Hsiao-Ho Hsu, Noah Shibley and Ariel Vizcaino

SocialSoup is a social software enables people to chat and share files when log onto the same wireless network.

User will automatically log onto SocialSoup when intending to use a wireless node. With a visualized member network, users can see the social activities between themselves and others. They can either chat, or trade files through SocialSoup. When log out that wireless node, it disappers. No download needed.

This program is written in Processing and java, utilizing java GUI builder for GUI design.

I lead the visual and interaction design in the project and designed the user interface (graphics and icons). Also, I programmed the graphic into SocialSoup utilizing java GUI bulder.

The image is a prototype screenshot from Dec. 2005.