Tangible / Physical Interface

hand-some camera
tuning page (Master thesis)
pepper can radio
kinkyo sukui
lunar drum
paper cup light
wake n' bacon
a movie night with me
mobile phone design
recall the moment (B.S thesis)

Web-based User Interface

Credit Card Dynamic eStatement
American Express Global Nav
weather data visualization
social soup
line obsession
drawing tool
ndd design portfolio




Hsiao-Ho Hsu + Kang-Ning Hsu

A series of concept designs that store memories of one’s travels using more tangible, intuitive storage methods.

1. suntan sandal
A “thoughtless and natural” sandals design that enhances one’s travel memory by allowing wearers to tan feet with unique patterns of a travel destination.
2. map shirt
T-shirt with map printed upside-down for wearers to find their destination.
3. voicemail to the city - outdoor
The Loch Ness moster-like installation serves as an outdoor furniture as well as a public answering machine that records and shares everyone's story.
4. voicemail to the city - indoor
Installed in museum or gallary, the ear-shape device is an answering machine for vistors to share thoughts.
5. postcard of the moment
Before departure, take a last glance of the city and print it on a postcard.
6. fun fact shopping bag
The shopping bag is printed with map and couple fun facts about the city, not the ones that's listed on the guidebook.
7. aura ring
The ring is filled with the scent that represents the city. When you rub the ring; the scent releases.