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Hsiao-Ho Hsu + Noah Shibley

"Kingyo Sukui" is a dual-player virtual reality game which users play with sensor-embedded fishnets.

Kingyo Sukui or 'scooping the goldfish' out of the water has been a traditional childhood game in Japan since the 17th century. Using the magic and illusion of 21st century digital multimedia, we are recreating Kingyo Sukui as a two-player digital game of accuracy and agility and perhaps fierce competition. The game is played when two players pick up their nets and face off to try to catch all their fish first.

The fishnet made is by microcontroller, bluetooth module, vibration motor, tri-axis accelerometer and infraed emitter. Projected virtual fish is programmed in Processing.

In Kinkyo sukui, I developed the art work of fish, designed the look of the fishnet as well as prototyped wireless fishnet with microcontroller and bluetooth module.