Tangible / Physical Interface

hand-some camera
tuning page (Master thesis)
pepper can radio
kinkyo sukui
lunar drum
paper cup light
wake n' bacon
a movie night with me
mobile phone design
recall the moment (B.S thesis)

Web-based User Interface

Credit Card Dynamic eStatement
American Express Global Nav
weather data visualization
social soup
line obsession
drawing tool
ndd design portfolio



I am an interaction designer with industral design background. Throughout my studies, I have been focusing on exploring for new and more intuitive ways for people to interact with technology. My master thesis project, "tuning page" creates an innovative way to interact with media. It seeks to bring intuition, tangibility and everyday gestures back to the act of listening to music by mapping a music player's controls to a lyric-filled notebook. This principle of gesture-based design is behind much of my portfolio: "kinkyo-sukui" - a virtual reality game that is controlled by a sensor-embedded fishnet and "touchy-feely" - a feather chandelier with no switch that gently illuminates as you touch it. Lately I have been developing a new project, "hand-some camera" - a photographing interface mounted on hand that aims the shot with a framing gesture.

Currently, I work for Digitas as an Interaction Designer. I work closely with my team to improve website's informational structure to serve users' needs and to meet clients' business objectives. The projects I work on include American Express' dynamic eStatement, global site navigation, merchant site redesign and travel site redesign.

Before coming to the States, I worked at a Taiwanese-based industrial design firm and participated in many industrial design projects to develop communicative consumer products.