Notes on the meetings and the related links

The visit in The hospital in Brooklyn:
with Annette Diiorio


The visit in New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital
with Roberta Lopez

Roberta uses this system alot. Though thr tremendous database function is rarely being utilized due to the time/ busyness/ reality(the everyday life activities performance is more relevant then the number reading). She says that translation (carry-over) of the physical skills practiced in using this system is good. Patients practice repetitive motions using this interface to strengthen muscles and practice motions that might be difficult after and injury or surgery. Yet carry-over from the game to cognitve skills is not very proper. Game is often a ’splinter-skill’, meaning that the patient can become very good at playing the game, but not be able to problem solve, or plan ahead in other contexts.

She explained that in her hospital the OTs use a combination of criteria for making the decision to discharge a patient. For physical issues OTs look at:
For cognitive issues they look at:
-Sequencing skills
-Left or Right side dominance
-Need for verbal or visual cues
They also do a functional evaluation of everyday life activities and how well a patient can perform them.

She suggested that our game might be a good way to subjectively evaluate a patient’s skills in the above mentioned categories. She also said that it could be useful if the OT was working on physical skills particularly:
-range of motion
-balance (sitting, standing, rocking, etc.)

personal note:


The visit in HVS
with Maureen Moaliani

We made a control device to operate Tetris for a student in HVS who has very limited motion skill. Using a strech sensor, the rubberized cord functioned as a button (strach to "click"). Unfortunately, it doesn't work for the student we initially make this strech sensor for.

device link

more about strech sensor

on that trial we learned:

the talk with Maureen,

a short talk with a new student, he was high school aged and talkative

Enabling Device

Brain Gym


Paper - "making sense for the sening system"


about mass produce the button

if we need only about 20... this may be a way to go... cheaper and faster.....
for referance also