Hello, I am an experience designer who's passionate about creating intuitive interfaces, connecting the dots and solving design challenges.

I think outside of the box and push details to perfection, to ensure the experiences I design are user-friendly and serve my clients' business objectives.

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Merchant Dashboard allows credit card accepting businesses to access their account data in one place. I designed and helped launch the project in six months with my agile team. The clean design of the dashboard makes information easy to scan; the interface also prompts users to engage with the site contextually.

Business Hub provides a fresh perspective on business card statements. I reorganized data and presented it as three business-centric aspects in the design: cashflow and capital, employee activities and customer insights. The solution gave users a holistic view of their business' financial activities in a snapshot.

Trying to help the existing card members pick their next card, I refined the user interface of Card Recommender Tool by showcasing card benefits and rewards, turning a previously confusing tool into something simple. I created a content mapping matrix, visualized the flow and documented the complex logic for build.

The challenge of designing an Online Credit Card Statement was to come up with a solution that supported all existing functionalities and make it intuitive and self-explanatory. I refined the top controls to be 2 tiers - core and advanced. This simple design carried all the features without making the page look cluttered.

South America Postcard Project was a personal fundraise project of mine during my South American trip in 2010-2011. I created a webpage that allowed friends to request postcards in return of their donation. At the end I send 167 hand-written postcards from 8 countries and donated $600 to UNICEF. Launch

Tuning Page, my master thesis project, creates an innovative way to interact with media. It seeks to bring intuition, tangibility and everyday gestures back to the act of listening to music by mapping a music player's controls to a lyric-filled notebook. Click to see more tangible interfaces I built. View more

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